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Monday, May 9th, 2016 - Cars of 2016, Cars of 2017

upcoming budget carAt the end of October at the Tokyo auto show was a presentation of the conceptual version of the SUV, Datsun GO-Cross 2016-1017 model year. The reason for its creation was that the manufacturer was able to overcome the threshold of 100 000 sold cars. Also during the half year, the manufacturer opened a four-point dealer in UAE, Russia, Indonesia and India. The body design of the new GO-Cross 2016 is a logical continuation of the line of budget cars of Japanese origin — wagon Datsun Do+ and base its modification of the Datsun Do sedan.lowcost cars Photos of cars are given to understand that a budget car can look attractive and original. But do not forget that this is only a concept, the production model, as a rule, all obtained with a less impressive appearance. The model has a modern exterior and bright: a graceful streamlined body lines, harmonious proportions, a lot of punch. False radiator grille is very large, in the shape of a trapezoid with chrome edging all the way round. Three-level front headlights are placed very compact. Filling — the led itself is similar to an arrow. Parking lights also stuffed with LEDs and have attractive graphics. At the bottom is a thick plastic kit.go-cross price The concept was equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels. The interior of the model According to preliminary data, the interior of the model will be designed for five seats, but this is only formal, because the dimensions of the body will not let comfortably seat three passengers, but not enough, there still three. The manufacturer has not revealed even the slightest information about the design of the cabin. Presumably its design will have a lot in common with the previous models of the company. Datsun GO photo-Cross dimensions of the car Looking at the pictures of the car, its dimensions seem pretty impressive, although in reality: the model length up to 4000 mm; the Wheelbase is equal to 2450 mm; the ground Clearance of 180 mm. corresponds to the Technical characteristics of the Car SUV has front-wheel drive. The prototype is built on the basis of the CMF-A. Rear suspension is a torsion beam, and front MacPherson strut specs 2017 As for the brakes, rear are drum mechanisms, the front, the engineers have equipped-wheel disc options. As an option, for a fee, the model can be equipped with electric power steering. Regarding engines, the manufacturer also did not say anything, but according to experts, the production version will be equipped with two variants running on gasoline. The first will have a capacity of 54 HP and 0.8 liters of volume, and the second will be a 125-horsepower, capacity of 1.2 liter. Transmission will be a mechanical uncontested “patatoes”.datsun go release date The manufacturer claims that the compact SUV will arrive to the masses next year, when will begin mass production, has not been told. Originally scheduled sales in the markets of Indonesia, UAE and India. For the domestic market, the company plans to develop a powerful SUV, which will be developed on the basis of Lada Granta and Lada Kalina cabin concept datsun budget suv auto expo 2016 2016-2017 budget cars

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